For All Conditions
Timeless Classics
Ultimate Strength

Optimum Arms over & under shotguns are one of those pieces that’s timeless classic.

Over & under shotguns are double-barreled, break action shotguns that have very few moving parts making them reliable especially in areas with bad weather conditions.

With the few moving parts, durability increases and with the proper care, it lasts longer rounds, and the cleaning process is very simple.

Also, they are not limited in their ammunition as over & under shotguns can process any shell that fits, without jamming.

Each barrel can be loaded with a different shell offering the shooter additional choices.

Over & under shotguns feature a solid frame for durability, strength, and ultimate reliability.

Flawlessly presented rubber recoil pad, Turkish walnut checkering on OPT N 212 & OPT N 220 & OPT N 236, backed by a warranty.